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Plant your own persimmon tree



Have you also awakened your passion for the persimmon fruit with KAKI SPUMA? How about a persimmon tree in your own garden? We'll show you a few helpful tips on how to succeed in growing your own persimmon tree.


Overwinter the persimmon tree

Whether persimmon or Sharon tree: like many exotics, these plants are not accustomed to our climate and therefore must first be planted in a container, especially for young plants. One reason for this: persimmons are only conditionally hardy. Planted in a tub, the persimmon tree can be easily overwintered. For this purpose, a frost-free but cool and bright winter quarters are suitable. As soon as the persimmon tree has lost its foliage, it can be easily overwintered. As you can see, keeping a persimmon tree in Central Europe is no problem.


Location & care tips

After the winter break, the compact growing tree can go back to the balcony or terrace. The location of the persimmon tree should be full sun and sheltered. A large container should provide enough space for the plant ball and later growth. In general, persimmon trees grow compactly, but can reach a height of up to 4 meters. As with all plants, you should avoid waterlogging with the persimmon tree. Nevertheless, the exotic likes it when the soil is kept moist. Especially on hot summer days, it needs sufficient water as a tub plant. You can support the growth with a fertilizer in spring and summer. From the autumn and during the winter break, the fruit tree does not need fertilizing.

Our tip: less is more! After all, the disadvantage of excessive fertilizing is that the yield of delicious fruit may decrease.


Nothing stands in your way to raise your own persimmon tree. Soon you can look forward to the first harvest from your own garden and until then, our KAKI SPUMA already provides you with the full portion of persimmon fruit.



After a long break, we are back with KAKI SPUMA ON TOUR and we also bring a new flavor.

The first tasting last weekend at the Swiss Science Center Technorama was a great success.


Come and visit us and get to know KAKI SPUMA:  


Restaurant Grünerbaum

Heinrich Moser-Platz 1

8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall


  • Monday, 19.07.2021                     10.30 Uhr – 14.00 Uhr
  • Tuesday, 20.07.2021                    10.30 Uhr – 14.00 Uhr       


TopShop/Landi Matzingen

St. Gallerstrasse 48

9548 Matzingen


  • Saturday, 24.07.2021                  11.00 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr


Restaurant Technorama

Swiss Science Center Technorama

Technoramastrasse 1

8404 Winterthur


  • Saturday, 21.08.2021                   11.00 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr       
  • Sunday, 22.08.2021                     11.00 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr       






Persimmon fruit: So healthy is the sweet power fruit really!

The persimmon fruit has become a staple on the fruit shelves in our supermarkets. Even though it actually looks like a tomato, the persimmon is botanically a berry - it grows on trees. Originally, the sweet fruit comes from Japan, China and Korea, but is now cultivated in all warm countries. There it is mainly known as "Chinese plum" or "Japanese apricot". The persimmon tastes like a mixture of apricot and pear with a hint of vanilla. When properly ripe, it is pleasantly sweet - unripe persimmons, on the other hand, taste tart and bitter because they contain a lot of tannins.

Persimmon fruit: That's why it's so popular?

The first time we saw a persimmon, it seemed a bit strange to us, lying so slightly out of place between pears and bananas. In the meantime, however, we have become very fond of the fruit and have to admit: Our consumption of persimmons is slowly taking on outsized proportions. This is mainly because the ripe fruit tastes super sweet and provides quite an energy boost - perfect for the start of the day and against the low at 4 pm. What's more, we've found out that the persimmon is quite healthy - on its way to becoming a superfood, so to speak ...

Why the persimmon fruit is so healthy?

The persimmon has a fructose content of up to 19%. It is therefore an extreme energy booster. In addition, it contains many vitamins, including provitamin A, also known as beta-carotene. This supports various growth processes of the body and is particularly important for healthy skin, eyes and cell protection. Up to 270 micrograms are contained in 100 grams of the fruit, which is above average. In addition, the persimmon contains plenty of potassium, which is important for energy metabolism, circulatory functions and muscle and nerve cells. Phosphorus, important for bones and teeth, it also provides.

Persimmon, sharon fruit or persimmon - what's the difference?

If persimmon doesn't mean anything to you, you may know its close relatives - sharon fruit or persimmon. Since we like to have the sweet fruit in the fruit shelves all year round and the persimmon has its season only in the summer months, the Israeli variant Sharon fruit comes to us in the stores from March onwards, which owes its name to the fertile Sharon plain where it is grown. The persimmon, on the other hand, comes from Spain and sweetens our fruit plate in winter. It is a little more elongated in shape than its colleagues. Neither the Sharon fruit nor the persimmon contain tannins (vegetable tannins). Thus, they can be eaten when not quite ripe, as they are not as bitter. Another advantage is that the skins of the Sharon fruit and the Persimmon are not as thick as those of the persimmon and can be eaten along with them.

* Source

But no one has ever come up with the idea to turn the persimmon fruit into a drink, except us!

With KAKI SPUMA you can drink all these vitamins easily, because in each bottle is 55% persimmon fruit. Naturally made in Switzerland - SWISS MADE.










BIG NEWS - KAKI SPUMA x Culinarium

KAKI SPUMA has now been certified with the CULINARIUM seal of quality.


The supporting association CULINARIUM arouses interest for regional products among locals and guests and promotes a conscious diet in harmony with the seasons.


We are proud that our unique persimmon fruit spritzer KAKI SPUMA has received another certification like CULINARIUM besides the SWISS MADE.







Full persimmon flavor with zero sugar and the same amount of vitamins as the original.


Soon you will find our KAKI SPUMA ZERO in our online store.