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Finally the time has come - KAKI SPUMA ZERO - now in the online store



KAKI SPUMA ZERO inspires with the typical Kaki Spuma characteristics: inimitable kaki fruity taste and fine sparkling carbonic acid. Kaki Spuma Zero is the figure-conscious version of the original.


Take advantage of the great introductory price today and refresh yourself tomorrow at home with our KAKI SPUMA Zero.






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You have already tried our KAKI SPUMA? And you are a fan of it?


In the past we had the opportunity to present our Kaki Spuma for 2 weeks at Migros Neuwiesen. The degu time was very positive and Migros Neuwiesen did a really great job marketing our product - maybe you followed it on our social media channels. But whether our soft drink will be taken up by Migros is still under consideration. That's why we started a discussion on the migipedia platform from Migros regarding our Kaki Spuma. Now we are looking for happy customers who would like to join the discussion and share a few good words about our Kaki Spuma.


Enclosed you will find the link to the migipedia discussion, it only takes a short registration and you can let your words run free:


Will you help us to use this great opportunity? We would be very happy about it.


Suitable for the start of spring - KAKI SPUMA GRAPES

A new taste explosion awaits you this year.


KAKI SPUMA GRAPES - Persimmon and grape juice spritzer

YUMMY GRAPE - Thanks to the addition of red grape juice to the ORIGINAL recipe, the taste becomes extra fruity. Carbonated. Low in calories.


So versatile is KAKI SPUMA

Vegan panna cotta with persimmon cream

KAKI SPUMA - The all-rounder

But that's not why they are in almost every Italian garden. The "divine pear", as the fruit is also called, is sweet as honey. It is one of the healthiest foods. Persimmons are vitamin C bombs with high levels of beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Since they contain only 66 calories per hundred grams, they are part of the winter diet cuisine.


But persimmons also contain a lot of tannin. This gives the fruit a tart, furry taste. And it's precisely this that not everyone loves. Persimmons polarize: One loves them not a little. One loves them hot or hates them.


The "fruits of divine fire," as they are also called in Asia, are often harvested unripe in Italy. You wrap each persimmon in newspaper and place it in a cardboard box with a ripe apple. After two or three weeks, they are wonderfully ripe and sweet.


Of course, there are many esoteric bells and whistles. In Chinese literature, persimmons are said to do wonderful things. They are against snakebites and even fight alcoholism.


But since the persimmon fruit is usually only available in our country during the winter months, this important vitamin bomb is forgotten throughout the summer. But our KAKI SPUMA provides the right portion of persimmon all year round. Discover the magical all-rounder KAKI SPUMA.

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KAKI SPUMA against Foodwaste


The legend of the persimmon fruit to predict the meteorological future

- Fork: If the shape of the shoot inside the persimmon seed resembles that of a fork, according to legend, we will have a mild winter with little snow and not too low temperatures;

- Knife: The knife-shaped shoot advises us to cover ourselves and prepare for particularly harsh winter months, which tend to be "dry" and bring little precipitation;

- Spoon: If the small seed has a round shape reminiscent of a spoon, our winter (according to legend) will be marked by snowfall, so it is better to prepare gloves, hat and scarf.


What is true about this legend? Reading and interpreting the future weather through persimmon seeds has of course no scientific basis, but the knowledge of peasant traditions and their continuation is always a good way to connect with our past and our history.


But no matter how the winter finally turns out, our KAKI SPUMA will always bring you the necessary portion of vitamins to get you through the winter.


'Kaki Spuma is from Winterthur for Winterthur', now in the new Winterthur weekly 84XO.


Plant your own persimmon tree


Have you also awakened your passion for the persimmon fruit with KAKI SPUMA? How about a persimmon tree in your own garden? We'll show you a few helpful tips on how to succeed in growing your own persimmon tree.


Overwinter the persimmon tree

Whether persimmon or Sharon tree: like many exotics, these plants are not accustomed to our climate and therefore must first be planted in a container, especially for young plants. One reason for this: persimmons are only conditionally hardy. Planted in a tub, the persimmon tree can be easily overwintered. For this purpose, a frost-free but cool and bright winter quarters are suitable. As soon as the persimmon tree has lost its foliage, it can be easily overwintered. As you can see, keeping a persimmon tree in Central Europe is no problem.


Location & care tips

After the winter break, the compact growing tree can go back to the balcony or terrace. The location of the persimmon tree should be full sun and sheltered. A large container should provide enough space for the plant ball and later growth. In general, persimmon trees grow compactly, but can reach a height of up to 4 meters. As with all plants, you should avoid waterlogging with the persimmon tree. Nevertheless, the exotic likes it when the soil is kept moist. Especially on hot summer days, it needs sufficient water as a tub plant. You can support the growth with a fertilizer in spring and summer. From the autumn and during the winter break, the fruit tree does not need fertilizing.

Our tip: less is more! After all, the disadvantage of excessive fertilizing is that the yield of delicious fruit may decrease.


Nothing stands in your way to raise your own persimmon tree. Soon you can look forward to the first harvest from your own garden and until then, our KAKI SPUMA already provides you with the full portion of persimmon fruit.



After a long break, we are back with KAKI SPUMA ON TOUR and we also bring a new flavor.

The first tasting last weekend at the Swiss Science Center Technorama was a great success.


Come and visit us and get to know KAKI SPUMA:  


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