Made in Switzerland




The plump persimmons on the tree in front of the grandparents' house in Cittadella shine in seductive orange. The little boy loves the soft fruit, which is also available as a dessert at home in Switzerland in autumn. He likes the taste and doesn't think much about the fact that the persimmons with their many vitamins and provitamins could even do him good. When he is big, he wants to conjure something special out of this fruit.




Many years have passed since then. The little boy has become a man and successful entrepreneur. The persimmon still fascinates him. He is now searching for the perfect mixture for his persimmon drink. He cooks, fiddles, dribbles and mixes. His magic drink should be different from everything you can buy in a shop. Pure. No added sugar, no preservatives and no colourings. And made in Switzerland as far as possible.


For two years he works with a lot of passion until he is satisfied with the result. He calls it KAKI SPUMA, in memory of his own Italian roots and those of the fruit. He makes the persimmon juice concentrate himself, because nothing like it can be bought anywhere on the market. The production location is - Switzerland. Together with natural Swiss apple juice (for the beautiful freshness), the concentrate forms the basis of the unique flavours, which he balances perfectly with a third fruit juice concentrate each time.


KAKI SPUMA is the best of both worlds for this former little boy of Italian descent: the persimmon fruit from his parents\\' home country, processed in the country where he lives today.





Made in Switzerland