Future successful cooperation in the Swiss market


At KAKI SPUMA, the customer comes first, so you can always rely on products and services of the highest quality.


How important is it to you to enrich your customers' choices with SWISS MADE with an exclusive and health-conscious refreshment?


Of all the fruits we eat in our lives, persimmon fruit is a very special one. KAKI SPUMA, the world novelty, a unique persimmon fruit spritzer.


Are you interested in a future-proof cooperation in a booming industry with enormous potential? Then get in touch with us!


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Cooperation in the export market


At KAKI SPUMA, we want to spread our passion and philosophy by establishing strong partnerships with foreign dealers.


We are very flexible and open to adapting our standards to the specific needs of foreign markets, constantly looking for the best solutions that can benefit both our dealers and us.


We strive for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and are happy to build partner relationships with new customers in the European area.


We look forward to hearing from you.




From the region for the region

In cooperation with the House of Winterthur and the economic Development OF Winterthur, we are presenting a real Winterthur innovation.